CNE Worldwide Logistics Management Team

34 years of service


Brian Dubow is the Founder, President and CEO of CNE Worldwide Logistics.  As an airline pilot, he recognized the need for a top freight forwarding and trucking provider. As a result, Brian founded CNE in 1987. 

31 years of service


Jill Dubow has been the Chief Financial Officer since 1990.  she is responsible for overseeing the company’s financial activities and operations.  Jill also administrates CNE’s benefits.  Jill is married to Brian Dubow.

22 years of service

David Cohen, Esq. is Executive Vice President / Chief Compliance Officer. As an attorney, David has also been involved in the long-term business planning and helps improve the business process for each department through analysis and collaboration with other department managers.

23 years of service

Danny Valdivieso is the Director of Operations and oversees all air freight and trucking operations. Danny works directly with customers to assure each shipment’s paperwork is correct and shipment is delivered on time to its respective airlines.  Danny tracks every shipment to assure 100% on-time performance.

17 years of service

Daniel Bravo is a Regional Operations Manager, managing all trucking and warehousing operations in South Florida, Orlando and Jacksonville. He is also responsible for total fleet management and oversees route assignments for all CNE Florida drivers.

12 years of service

Terry Christ is a Regional Operations Manager, managing all trucking operations in Charlotte and Butner, North Carolina.  He is also responsible for fleet management and scheduling route assignments for all CNE North Carolina drivers.

12 years of service

Eugene Sherrell is a Regional Operations Manager, managing all trucking operations throughout Kentucky and Tennessee.  He is also responsible for fleet management and scheduling route assignments for all CNE Kentucky and Tennessee drivers.

12 years of service

Ross Dubow is CNE’s Director of Human Resources/Dispatch. He is responsible for overseeing the dispatch team that collaborates with all locations, routes and communications with regional managers and drivers.  In addition to recruiting and completing the new employee hiring process, he assists with auditing payroll.

5 years of service

Avi Epstein is Director of “Over The Road” Operations and is headquartered in Coral Springs, Florida. Avi is responsible for over the road, long haul transportation of refrigerated and dry-van truckloads to selected destinations throughout the United States. In addition, Avi oversees CNE’s freight brokerage solutions. 

5 years of service

Shelly Dubow is CNE’s in-house Director of Marketing at the company’s headquarter offices in Coral Springs, Florida. In addition to the company’s graphic requirements, Shelly is responsible for the company’s digital media and public relations.

   To all our employees, customers and vendors

We hope this message finds everyone safe and in good health. The logistics and the trucking industry are an essential function — especially during a crisis. Freight still needs to move. People across the nation still need supplies. As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 Virus, we are following the recommended guidelines, by adapting daily to the changes brought on by this global pandemic. We are completely operational in ALL of our locations. 

Over the past 30+ years, we’ve built our reputation on consistency, reliability and flexibility. The Coronavirus isn’t going to change that. We are fully operational 24/7, and our customer service is here to support you. Our goal is to keep everyone safe and minimize the spread of the virus. Please, do what you can to stay healthy and let us know if there is anything, we can do for you.  We wish everyone to be safe.

Jill and Brian Dubow #CNEstrong